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Touch for Health

What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health Kinesiology is a safe and practical alternative therapy designed to balance the body's electrical energy system using muscle responses to the application of gentle pressure.  A Touch for Health Balance session usually lasts 60-90 minutes and is performed while you are fully clothed. Your practitioner will start the session by asking you questions about your health, changes you would like to see in your life, and evaluating your posture. Next, we will check for and correct any switching imbalances.  This "electrical scrambling" represents neurological disorganization in the body. Then by lightly testing/monitoring specific muscles for their response to gentle pressure, we will identify muscular and energetic imbalances and stress patterns that are occurring. Balance is restored by gently stimulating specific reflex points on the body that correspond with the impaired area. Muscle testing/monitoring has been called, "the language of the body."

The reflexes we use to bring the body back into balance are similar to electrical switches. When a body circuit "switch" gets turned off, we often experience various symptoms affecting our health and vitality.  At other times our body's circuits may shut down because of a "short" from excessive energy, similar to an electrical storm knocking out the power in our home due to an intense surge. We do not want either too much or too little energy running through our system.  Touch for Health helps identify and repair the areas of over and under energy and bring our bodies back into balance. Corrections in a Touch for Health balance are accomplished by holding or massaging specific points, tracing electrical pathways along body lines, stimulating the origin and insertion of involved muscles, or working with acupressure points.  The correction points used are determined through the response from your muscles during testing/monitoring. Touch for Health is an interactive form of bodywork that utilizes the client's attention and participation to guide their own healing process.

"When I had my Touch for Health session with Dawn, I wasn't sure what to expect. Unlike other therapies I have done, I liked the collaborative effort of Touch for Health, being part of the overall process,and seeing the results so quickly. There were definitely some unexpected results in that I released some blocks that I didn't know I had. I left that visit feeling recharged and in awe of not only Dawn but myself. I learned the body has an amazing way of restoring itself when you use the right tools. Thank you Dawn for opening this door. Your compassion is evident in everything you do! You have a tremendous gift to share!"--Jennifer

Touch for Health stems from the Chinese Medicine philosophy that all disease begins in the electrical energy system before it reaches the body. While many therapies offer only temporary relief, Touch for Health often brings deeper, longer-lasting results by addressing the root cause of your symptoms. Touch for Health does not diagnose or treat specific symptoms or signs of named diseases. Rather, kinesiologists look at the whole person, often setting the stage for profound change and amplifying the healing intelligence of the client's body.  By balancing the body's energy system, many ailments may clear up on their own or, at least, become more responsive to other therapies.  With Touch for Health you may experience permanent relief after only one visit!

"My first Touch for Health session with Dawn released the tight neck, shoulders, and hips I was experiencing. After the session my posture was straight and I had fluidity and energy running through my body again. Long after the session I continued to feel and function better. Dawn not only has a solid understanding of the working mechanics of the body but is also an accomplished massage therapist. She has a great balance of warmth, compassion, and professionalism. I highly recommend Touch for Health for structural issues."--Sara

Benefits of a Touch for Health Balance:                                                         

  • reduce pain
  • assist the body's natural healing process
  • enhance muscular strength and flexibility                                                             
  • improve posture and coordination
  • reduce headache frequency/intensity                                                      
  • balance digestion
  • improve attitude, learning, and emotional well-being
  • experience clearer thinking
  • reduce stress levels
  • improve vitality
  • re-frame perceptions and overcome fears, blocks, and self-sabotage
  • relax deeply
  • enhance athletic performance
  • spur motivation and creativity
  • create a deep sense of inner calm and peace
  • and so much more!

"I find that each session brings more layers of healing to surface. I feel balanced on all levels--emotional, spiritual, physical--after each session. I leave feeling energized with a smile from my heart space and a renewed spirit. Touch for Health truly helps me to reconnect and heal. I have a lot of gratitude for Dawn and all the gifts she offers at Soteria! I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself."--Ashley

History of Touch for Health

Touch for Health has its roots in the International College of Applied Kinesiology (AK), a system of healing specifically designed for healthcare practitioners.  Applied Kinesiology utilizes concepts of both Western and Eastern healing philosophies, harmonizing these traditions in a synergistic way to restore balance to the body. In 1970, Dr. John Thie saw the potential benefit of making some of the more basic techniques of Applied Kinesiology accessible to others interested in health and wellness. Since that time millions of people globally have experienced the benefit of Touch for Health, whether or not they have a formal medical diagnosis.  Touch for health is a non-invasive way of bringing the body back to balance and can be used with any age.

"Our lives are very full with a house full of children, a couple of them with special needs. I was beginning to struggle with how to get everything done and could feel my internal stress increase daily. I saw Dawn for a Touch for Health balance and can say it was a turning point for me! I left feeling an inner peace and with a new idea of what I could do at home to balance the demands on my time. I know that my body released stress while I was with Dawn and the things she did with me carried over to our home life. Dawn helped my body work through stress and some emotional challenges. I am so grateful for Dawn's desire to help people, and her amazing ability to tune into what her clients need and help them on their journey to wellness."--Amy

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