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doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential oils are distilled from the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and peels of a variety of aromatic plants.  Besides their benefits to the plants and the beautiful aromas we enjoy, essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their therapeutic benefits. Today, increasing scientific awareness and changing paradigms toward wellness in body, mind, and emotions are driving a rediscovery of essential oil health applications.  High quality essential oils represent a safe, effective, complement to any health care regimen. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. Let us assist you in your wellness journey by attending a free class to become empowered as a wellness expert in your own home!

Heaven's Therapy® Herbal Therapy Pac          $25

All Purpose herbal hot or cold relief, specially contoured to fit shoulders and

neck, but perfectly adaptable for low back, spine, abdomen, knees, elbows,

hands, and feet.  Flexible flax seed pac heats in microwave or oven, or chills in

freezerHealing herbs include lemongrass, rosemary, cinnamon, lavender,

chamomile, valerian root, peppermint, white willow, and spearmint.  So


CranioCradle™         $35

A unique design based on osteopathy, CranioSacral, and massage therapy

techniques allows you to experience some of the benefits of bodywork at home

between sessions.  Relieve head, neck, and back pain; tension, stress, and

fatigue.  Relax tense, tired muscles with a soothing stretch. Restore your body

to a natural state of comfort and ease.

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