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Medicupping™ Therapy

Medicupping™ is a system of vacuum therapies that have been used extensively to address a wide variety of concerns.  It includes manual massage cupping, vacuum machine facilitated cupping, and magnetic micro-cupping.  The suction intensity can vary from very light gentle suction and release techniques suitable even for children and pregnant women to intense lifting, scooping, shaking, and twisting motions for adhered muscular and fascial layers in athletes.  There is a $15 additional charge for Medicupping™ therapy during your chosen session length (no additional charge for a cup offered at our discretion used very briefly on a trouble spot.) The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles and fascial restrictions, encourage blood and lymph flow, and sedate the nervous system encouraging a deeply relaxed state.

"Wow! The dual vacuum cup therapy on my back was excellent! Need to do it again. This morning I feel great--got to do that oil treatment again on my next visit too."--Norm

Some of the physiological benefits of modern vacuum therapies include:

  • releasing deep muscular (soft tissue and organ) issues           
  • releasing and softening scar tissue and adhesions
  • lifting and stretching, rather than compressing, soft tissue
  • opening chest and lungs (diaphragm release)
  • improving circulation and toning blood vessel walls
  • draining lymphatic fluid
  • sedating the nervous system
  • opening the energy flow of the body
  • decrease or relieve pain and inflammation
  • contouring the body and lifting the face encouraging production of collagen and elastin for better tone

"You're a miracle worker with those cups! I haven't been able to push myself up with the heels of my hands since my surgeries in February (4 months ago). I've always had to make a fist and push off the back of my hands because the pain from surgery was too great. I just pushed off the palms of my hands without issue. Thank you so much. Literally crying with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"--Sarah

Please prepare for your Medicupping™ session by arriving well hydrated. Because of the profound effect these therapies have on lymphatic drainage, we highly encourage abstaining from alcohol/drugs and eating high quality clean whole foods for at least 24 hours before a session. Please do not smoke within 2 hours of your session. Avoid chilling and drafts as well as sauna, steam room, exercise that generates heat, and showers/baths for 4-6 hours after a cupping session. You may schedule a sauna before your session and use the warming infrared amethyst BioMat during your treatment. No makeup or contacts, please, if you would like cupping for face lifting and drainage.

Possible reactions:

  • Discoloration (sometimes called a "cup kiss") due to toxins and old blood being brought to the surface--this is not a typical bruise although it may appear various shades of red, purple, blue, or brown like a bruise. It is never our intention to leave a mark but depending on the levels of toxins being released and the condition of the soft tissues in a given area, it is possible. This discoloration, if it occurs, is typically less than is seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping.
  • Post-treatment tenderness--usually less intense than from deep tissue work.
  • Redness and/or itching may occur from increased vasodilation and/or inflammation brought to the surface to be released.
  • Decreased blood pressure due to vasodilation and/or nervous system sedation (please let your practitioner know before your session if you tend towards low blood pressure normally.)
  • Emotional release during or following a session as old cellular/tissue traumas release (more prevalent with, but not limited to, scar tissue release work.)

"I wanted to let you know that even a month later I am 95% better from the last cupping massage and I really appreciate it so much, thank you! You are amazing!!"--Becky (following 1 Medicupping session for a back injury that had not responded to traditional treatments she pursued as a nurse)


Lymphatic Medicupping™ Body Cocoon 

This powerful yet luxurious healing treatment is for those with previous massage cupping experience only to avoid over-taxing the body. Melt into the deep sedation of this 90 minute (does not include lower arms or lower legs) to 2 hour (full-body) therapy session.  Enjoy relaxing rhythmic cupping to restore optimal flow along the superficial and intermediate lymphatic pathways throughout the back, neck, glutes, legs, abdomen, chest, and arms. Specific therapeutic essential oils diluted in an organic carrier oil are then liberally applied to the body which is tucked snugly into a warm towel and blanket cocoon to rest for 15-20 minutes. During the resting phase you may choose a neck and shoulder massage, magnetic micro-cupping foot reflexology, facial massage, or gentle facial cupping to promote lifting and drainage.

Enjoy a single Medicupping™ Cocoon session focused on relieving pain, supporting a challenged immune system, creating deep relaxation or enhancing energy. A series of sessions is best for chronic challenges, body contouring when combined with healthy lifestyle choices, and aiding cleansing from the toxic effects of our environment (there is a special protocol for former smokers or those exposed to second-hand smoke too!) We recommend purchasing a package of 8 sessions at the price of 7 for optimal contouring and deeper detoxification results. Best results for contouring and smoking/substance cessation work occur with once or twice weekly sessions.

How does Medicupping™ impact "solid bloat"?  Solid bloat is the layers of accumulation of stagnant lymph, blood, and debris. It is often caused by inflammation which leads to dehydration of the tissues and the inability of the lymphatic system to eliminate the debris. Stagnation may be found in muscles, skin layers, and connective tissue. Blood stagnation is often caused by micro-tears in compromised soft tissue, old injuries or surgeries, and even being sedentary or bedridden for an extended period of time due to illness.  Cellulite is often stagnant lymph and debris that represents a lifetime accumulation of old medications, anesthesia, synthetic chemicals from our foods, smoke or other inhaled contaminants, and cellular wastes. All of this stored material will aggravate the immune system and liver, leading to more inflammation, and the cycle continues.

Vacuum dredging of the muscle tissues and organs allows for blood supply and nutrition to reach the cells, and old wastes to be purged.  Medicupping™ is a comfortable and effective way to remove debris from sites of strain, sprain, or other injury/surgery to facilitate full range of motion. It is a valuable tool to support detoxification protocols and is an incredibly successful way to assist those who are losing weight (including post-bariatric surgery), or releasing their dependence on alcohol and other substances.

"Recently, I had a Medicupping Cocoon session with Dawn. It was super relaxing and I felt amazing (though ready for a nap) afterwards. The next day I felt great physically! My shoulder and neck discomfort were gone and I had no post-nasal drip AT ALL. Also, I noticed my weight had dropped about 2-3 pounds and my derriere appeared lifted (crazy, right?! I was amazed. One of the best bodywork sessions I have ever experienced!"--S.G.


Magnet Dance*

Magnetic therapy has a rich history from ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and more.  Magnetic therapy has many wellness applications and when combined with cupping can reduce stress and bring great relief to tense muscles and inflamed tissues. Magnet Dance work may be done on either acute or chronic injury sites and other pain areas, including nerve pain pathways, which may be relieved with gentle suction and release cupping using a negative polarity magnet cup.  Magnetic cups may also be set in an alternating grid of positive and negative charge to enhance blood and energy flow to tight painful muscles and other soft tissue, often bringing quick relief.  Magnetic micro-cupping is a powerful tool in reflexology work too!

*Magnetic Micro-cupping may not be used on clients with electrical implants such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, and spinal stimulators.

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