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Client Experiences

"You're a miracle worker with those cups! I haven't been able to push myself up with the heels of my hands since my surgeries in February (4 months ago). I've always had to make a fist and push off the back of my hands because the pain from surgery was too great. I just pushed off the palms of my hands without issue. Thank you so much. Literally crying with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"--Sarah

“I highly recommend Debra Elsbecker as a massage therapist! Debra was very intelligent, professional, confident, and knowledgeable in every aspect of my delightful massage experience! She personalized my experience to allow me to have privacy and relax knowing my specific needs were addressed. I was very blessed by her calming effect! What a wonderful experience! I highly recommend her to all!”--Dr. Kathy Price Emergency Medicine Physician 

"As a Chiropractor, I've referred numerous patients to Dawn for her services.  She treats everyone with respect and professionalism.  It is so nice to have a health and wellness professional that I completely trust my patient's care with.  Chiropractic coupled with her massage and CranioSacral technique produces amazing results!  I highly recommend Dawn and will continue to refer to and work with her."--Dr. Brenden Kiger

"When I had my Touch for Health session with Dawn I wasn't sure what to expect. Unlike other therapies I have done, I liked the collaborative effort of Touch for Health, being part of the overall process and seeing the results so quickly. There were definitely some unexpected results in that I released some blocks that I didn't know I had. I left that visit feeling recharged and in awe of not only Dawn but myself. I learned the body has an amazing way of restoring itself when you use the right tools. Thank you Dawn for opening this door. Your compassion is evident in everything you do! You have a tremendous gift to share!"--Jennifer

"Wow! The dual vacuum cup therapy on my back was excellent! Need to do it again. This morning I feel great--got to do that oil treatment again on my next visit too."--Norm (referring to Medicupping and Health Song Restorative Essential Oil Treatment--Inflammatory Balance)

"Heaven! That's how I would describe my recent massage with Debra Elsbecker. Debra is hands down one of the best in town! She takes her time to ensure that you receive a complete massage and your troubled points are properly addressed. Debra is a wonderful, caring person and genuinely concerned about my well-being. She allowed me to relax and re-charge my body. Just thinking about this makes me wish I was there right now!"--Caren 

"What a difference it has made!  The prenatal massage I received from Dawn helped ease the aches and discomfort an expectant mama experiences as her body makes room for her growing baby.  This was not just a regular massage with adjusted positioning.  Dawn not only created a comfortable table and atmosphere, she identified and targeted those areas that needed therapeutic work specific to pregnancy concerns and challenges.  It was amazing--what every mama deserves! Later, the postpartum massages I have received from Dawn have been a significant part in the recovery period, and in maintaining overall wellness.  Her table is adjustable to accommodate the ever-changing postpartum figure of a nursing mom, making it unbelievably comfortable and allowing my body to fully relax and settle in.  She combined CranioSacral Therapy and Swedish relaxation massage, working on realigning the areas that had been shifted and stretched during labor, birth, and recovery.  It also helped with my posture and muscle tightness from nursing and caring for my daughter.  Dawn has a gift for identifying what muscles and parts of the body need attention, and providing the support and technique to make incredible changes!"--Sarah“I want everyone to know the amazing natural health results that can be achieved with Bio-Electromagnetic Therapy.  I injured my calf muscle while going down a stairway. I ended up in the emergency room; they ruled out blood clot, put me in an air-cast boot and told me to see a specialist when I returned home.  When the boot was not on my foot, walking was excruciating.  Every time I rolled off the ball of my foot, my calf was unbearable. I tried a BEMT session with the special applicator Thursday night. On Friday, I got in to see the specialist and he said he believed it was a blood flow issue and he felt it could be resolved with 6 weeks of physical therapy.  He would see me again in 7 weeks.  The soonest I could get in for physical therapy was on Monday afternoon. Soteria Wellness was so gracious to me; they got me in for  8 minute sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I actually couldn't feel anything during the sessions but calmness and peace.  On Monday morning, I got up and as I was walking across the kitchen floor, I suddenly realized the major discomfort in my calf was gone.  It had completely disappeared.  I was beyond ecstatic! I went ahead and went to my physical therapy appointment, even though I really wanted to cancel it.  My physical therapist had me tell him my story.  He didn’t know what BEMT was, so I showed him the video.  He was completely in awe of the video and said he was going to have to check it out.  He did his assessment of me, provided me with some exercises to do and then said this.  “We have our next appointment scheduled a week from today.  I really don’t think you will need to return.  If you feel like you would like to come so that you are assured your goal is met, you are more than welcome to do that, but I truly don’t think you are going to need it.  It is your call; feel free to cancel our appointments.” This therapy is amazing.  My leg is all better.  I will continue to use BEMT for my overall health.  If it could help my leg in that short of a period of time by providing increased blood flow, etc., can you imagine what it will do for the rest of my body?  I can’t wait to find out!”—Sue 

"I wanted to let you know that even a month later I am 95% better from the last cupping massage and I really appreciate it so much, thank you! You are amazing!!"--Becky (following 1 Medicupping session for a back injury that had not responded to traditional treatments she pursued as a nurse)

"After three surgeries during a 19-day hospital stay, I was very stiff and sore.  Despite some slow stretching and easy-does-it chiropractic treatments, I was still very stiff and sore.  Dawn provided therapeutic massage, did some passive stretches, and performed lymphatic drainage on me.  By the time we had completed the session, the swelling in my neck (from the placement of a central line) had diminished significantly.  I'm also able to stand and sit much taller and with better posture following her treatment.  Doing my own home stretches this morning was also much easier as I am much more limber.  Thanks Dawn!"--April

"I visited Soteria Wellness in June, 2015. I had an absolutely amazing 90 minute massage by Dawn, a distinguished and consummate professional. She treated my aches with just the right touch and technique. I then slipped into the new infrared sauna on site for a private 40 minute relaxation treatment. It was absolutely amazing! The heat was gentle. The music, relaxing. Special bamboo towels wick away toxins from your skin while you sink into luxurious warmth. There are many "programs" that can be utilized in the sauna for different health concerns. Wow-what a great way to top off an excellent massage! I absolutely loved it. Dawn Olsen is a gift to the wellness community because of her commitment to her clients, excellence in customer service, and invaluable knowledge-base. This is truly a superior level of skill without the superior price tag. Go here!"--Michelle

"The CranioSacral Therapy that Dawn provided me has relieved all the upper back and neck pain I had experienced for several years. For as long as I can remember, I have had upper back pain that included headaches and with just two one-hour sessions with Dawn, I now have very little if any pain throughout my upper back and neck.  I felt relief immediately and the pain was nearly gone within hours of my first session.  The most amazing thing I found with the therapy is that with just two sessions I have felt the relief I have been looking for in my upper back for several years"--Lindsey

"Professionalism, knowledge, competence, a love for people and a strong desire to help each individual she works with to achieve their health and wellness goals are just a few of the things that describe Debra Elsbecker in her role as a massage therapist. She is very thorough and attentive to the needs of whoever is before her at the moment. She has a desire to continue to learn and grow in new massage techniques as well as a commitment to maintain high standards in those she already performs for clients. The atmosphere of her massage studio is very relaxing & peaceful, and her massages enable her clients to come away refreshed and relaxed. Debra strives for excellence in all she does in or out of her role as a massage therapist. I would highly recommend her for your health and wellness needs through massage therapy."--Tammy 

"I am not for sure what I did to it, but I had a severe sprain/strain in one of my shoulders which limited my mobility and use of  my arm.  I had tried for two months performing the normal combination of stretches, hot tub/sauna, and icing it.  It wasn't making it better and on some days it was making it worse.  I am happy I had an appointment with Dawn for a deep tissue massage, and since then I have had no signs of soreness or inflammation over the last three months."--Paul

"Having massage work done during pregnancy was tremendously beneficial for my overall wellness and health, both physically and emotionally.  I generally carry most of my tension in my shoulders and upper back, and during my second pregnancy, I also experienced sciatic nerve discomfort during the first and second trimester.  Third trimester presented with swollen legs and back pain.  I received two pregnancy massages from Dawn in the last trimester, and both provided the muscle relaxation and relief from pregnancy aches and pains that I sought.  Knowing Dawn's extensive background in prenatal care, coupled with her years of experience as a certified childbirth instructor in the Bradley Method®, I felt confident in entrusting my health--as well as my child-to-be-born--into her care."--Toni

"As you know, my body has been under attack from cancer for almost six years.  Last year it metastasized in my spine and I received radiation treatment to stop the growth/spread of the cancer.  I had increased pain and less mobility.  Then this past March I was told that the area in my lower spine that had been radiated had again become active with cancer.  After having Micro Plastic surgery I had much less mobility and more pain.  In April, you began treating me (CST) and I'm enjoying less pain and greater mobility, along with increased strength.  Thank you and God bless you!"--Merle 

"The CranioSacral Therapy really helped me with my back pain from scoliosis.  My goal was to get the pain reduced or removed so we could go on vacation and have a good time.  The pain was reduced a lot in just a few sessions--right in time for us to go on vacation.  When we got back, I kept seeing Dawn and kept feeling better.  The best part was I didn't need surgery.  It was so relaxing, sometimes I just fell asleep.  It was a good experience."--Miranda, age 14

"I find that each session brings more layers of healing to surface. I feel balanced, on all levels-emotional, spiritual, physical- after each session. I leave feeling energized with a smile from my heart space and a renewed spirit. Touch for Health truly helps me to reconnect and heal. I have a lot of gratitude for Dawn and all the gifts she offers at Soteria! I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself."--Ashley

"I was having one of those days where I felt pretty miserable--I was fighting something; my eyes were watery, my sinuses felt stuffed, and I just wanted to go home to bed and sleep for several hours. I stopped for a BEMT treatment on my way home from work. I napped for about 10 minutes when I got home, I got up and mowed the lawn and canned some tomatoes!!! Amazing turn around in how I felt!!!”—Jean

"I have had severe rheumatoid arthritis almost half my life. Joint destruction from the disease and some of the meds has led to osteoarthritis as well, with pain, deformities, and great limitations.  I also have a heart problem and have had cancer several times.  Dawn's concentrated CranioSacral work gives me relief and release, and I feel restored and rested with my body responding to a more natural flow.  When followed by a gentle back/shoulder massage, I feel revitalized.  I would recommend Dawn's caring work to anyone with chronic disease or severe pain."--Susan

"As a father, I loved the infant massage class.  It was so neat to see our little one relax like we hadn't seen before.  Since our baby is breastfed, it has been harder for me to bond with our son, but these simple and easy massage techniques helped me become closer to him.  Then we were able to go home and give our baby and our 3 year old son a massage and they both loved it!"--Matt

"After seeing two chiropractors over the course of a year about the very intense, shooting, sharp pain in my lower back, I was informed my vertebrae (L5-S1) was pinching a group of nerves and I would always be in some pain for the rest of my life.  I was unwilling to accept the diagnosis and after some research I found out about Dawn's gift of listening to what my body needed.  After two very relaxing CranioSacral Therapy sessions with Dawn, the shooting pain in my lower back has been gone.  Since then, Dawn has used a combination of CST, massage therapy, and polarity for a systemic approach to undo my body's twists and misalignments, a result of my body compensating for my lower back pain.  Today, I look forward to living the life I imagined...pain free."--Michelle

"My daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome a few days after her Birth-day.  She experienced a 48 hour labor.  One of the challenges she faced right away was a struggle to latch on and maintain a good latch for breastfeeding.  she also struggled to breathe well while sleeping and eating.  She spent a week in the NICU, undergoing many tests and treatment--stressful on her little body.  We saw Dawn for CranioSacral Therapy to help bring balance back to her body, including her head, due to all she had experienced.  I also hoped it might help with her latch and breathing.  Within a few minutes, we saw visible changes in her head, face, and jaw.  The shape of her palate changed enormously, and there was less tension in her jaw.  Her sinuses began to open up.  We have been back several times, and continue to see marked improvements in her overall health and posture.  She is now nursing without any challenges, and is able to breathe (and sleep) much better (and quieter!)  This has changed her life, and ours, forever."--Sarah

"All I can say is Dawn has a gift of healing in her hands!  I have seen Dawn twice so far for massage and have gotten relief from pain I have had for years.  She has divine music to choose from and I love that (if desired) she will pray over you before touching you.  I have had chronic whiplash neck pain for years that radiates down my left arm and shoulder.  My shoulder would lock at about shoulder height and I couldn't lift up my arms together to praise the Lord.  Now I can!  I have been seen by physicians, chiropractors, and other massage therapists without much help.  I highly recommend Dawn and her healing hands!"--Debra

"Our lives are very full with a house full of children, a couple with special needs. I was beginning to struggle with how to get everything done and could feel my internal stress increase daily. I saw Dawn for a Touch for Health balance and can say it was a turning point for me! I left feeling an inner peace and a new idea of what I could do at home to balance the demands on my time. I know that my body released stress while I was with Dawn and the things she did with me carried over to our home life. Dawn helped my body work through stress and some emotional challenges. I am so grateful for Dawn's desire to help people, and her amazing ability to tune into what her patients need and help them on their journey to wellness."--Amy

"Last summer I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I am a chronic migraine sufferer too.  I also severely sprained my ankle.  Dawn was working with the fibromyalgia and migraines with CranioSacral Therapy.  It was great for the fibro pain--really relaxing and put me in a different place for an hour.  When I felt a migraine aura coming on, if I got worked on, it stopped before getting bad.  When one was already there, getting CranioSacral work lessened the intensity so I could function again.  Immediately after I sprained my ankle Dawn did some gentle work on my ankle and it didn't even swell.  I had sprained it 6 months before and it had really swollen and been painful.  This time, with the help of an air cast, I was able to walk on it soon afterwards."--Cynthia

"I started going to Dawn very early on in my pregnancy and felt those massages and bodywork (CST) helped keep me healthy throughout the pregnancy.  I had sciatic nerve issues that I battled for a few weeks with my first pregnancy and as soon as those issues started in my second pregnancy, I knew that any delay could make it worse and Dawn fit me into her schedule immediately.  Dawn's massage and bodywork provided  me with relief that I felt almost instantly, and I strongly believe that it helped decrease the length of time I had the intense pain to less than a few days.  Dawn had a way of working just the right areas that my body needed during the pregnancy...During labor and delivery our son moved through the birth canal quite quickly which led to bruising on the top of his head and a lot of molding.  When he was three weeks old, he was really colicky, crying up to 4 hours at a time, so we had Dawn do some CranioSacral Therapy on him.  Dawn showed me how his skull bones were still overlapping in the back of his head.  The day after she worked on him, his fussiness was so much better and he is now a very happy baby.  At his four day wellness check-up, his head circumference was in the 15th percentile and at his four week check-up it had jumped to the 35th percentile.  In less than a week from the time he was worked on, his head rounded out nicely and things moved right into place.  I don't believe that would have happened without the CST."--Lindsey

"After ten to fifteen years of unexplained pain and other medical issues, my doctor finally diagnosed me with heavy metals poisoning (think lead, mercury, etc.).  However, by the time I was diagnosed, my body was in bad shape:  among other issues, I was in constant pain from head to toe and had been like that so long I couldn't even remember what it was like to not have pain.  Though I struggled with too many pain issues to count on a regular basis, when I came to see Dawn for my weekly CranioSacral Therapy appointment, she was always able to pinpoint the areas most in need of attention--usually without me even having to tell her anything!  CranioSacral Therapy is a wonderfully relaxing and relieving modality and Dawn is especially gifted in listening to what the body needs and then investing the time and energy into meeting those needs through the CranioSacral work.  I regularly experienced huge amounts of pain relief for my body, as well as peace in my heart through Dawn's work."--Mary


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